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A. Philip Lomonaco has over 25 years of experience defending clients charged with crimes and helping clients as a personal injury lawyer for knoxville tn claims. These years of experience led to his application, qualification and final Certification as a Certified Criminal Trial Specialist, certified by The National Board of Trial Advocacy.
With his expertise in criminal defense, Mr. Lomonaco has represented the accused charged in Federal and State Courts, including but not limited to:
DRUG Cases: possession, manufacture, conspiracy,DUI, DWI, HMVO, Bank Fraud and other White Collar Crimes, RICO, Fraud, Financial crimes, Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Assault, Manslaughter, Murder, Kidnapping, Carjacking, Crimes against persons, crimes against property.
Although a lot of his time is spent in State Courts, he has represented many people in Federal Court, some accused of being leaders and organizers of large criminal conspiracies and RICO organizations.
Mr. Lomonaco has also defended cases involving white collar crime, including allegations of Bank Fraud Money Laundering and Tax Evasion.
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